Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I'll Bow Out of Place To Save You Some Space for Somebody New.

I figure I am in the mood to be super productive, so I might as well update this thing.

After the other night I am doing better and not freaking out so much. I mean I am just trying not to think about it. I was going to go to drop in counseling at the university, but I slept through my 8am class and did not get a chance to go today. I will go Friday when I am free in the morning.

My paper that was due on Tuesday was good as well as the presentation that accompanied it. I also had a test that morning. I think I got about a 90% on it. I also had a test today in my cognitive psychology class. It was not hard, but I just wish I would have studied more for it, but I felt my music classes were more important.

I am currently being super productive. I did the dishes, wrote a check for utilities and put it in the mail, practiced songs for my session tomorrow, reapplied for my holiday job at home, and am currently doing laundry. I am so tired, but I am hoping to get two loads of laundry completely done tonight and put away before I head to bed. I have class at 9am tomorrow.

My schedule is all set for next semester, I am only taking 14 credit hours! It is hard to believe I am almost done with my undergraduate degree. It seems like just yesterday I was a freshman here meeting new people. College is funny that way, I am still meeting new people. It is so unlike high school that way. Not every face in college is that familiar. I have actually gotten really close to juniors in my same major that I never spoke more than 10 words to before this year. It is really sad that I just realized how awesome they are. But it is okay I will spend the rest of the school year hanging out with them because they are awesome people!

I performed at an open mic night last weekend on Friday. It was a fundraiser at a local coffee shop for a group I am in. I think it went pretty well. We raised over $100. I have awesome friends who supported and cheered me on. I accompanied myself singing on both guitar and piano. Such fun! :) Well I should get back to doing productive things since I am in that kind of mood.



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