Sunday, November 3, 2013

Wondering if I Really Tried Everything I Could, Not Knowing if I Should Try a Little Harder.

I know I have not updated my blog in a really long time, but right now that is besides the point. At least I am updating it now...

Well when I went home the last time I did not see the guy that I am interested in. He kind of blew me off, which is whatever... I have so much going on inside my head right now with emotions this post may not be the easiest to follow but I just need to get it all out.

So there is this guy now at school that I like a lot. We have been hanging out more and more recently and I am not complaining about that. :) He is really nice and caring, very sarcastic sometimes, which is hard to read, but he is cool.

I have kind of given up on the guy from back home. I mean he was PERFECT, but he is just too busy living his life. I do not think he has time for barely a friendship.. It is weird... I do not know.

Well here is the main reason I just HAD to blog this very minute, even though I am in the process of writing an 8 page paper- "Him".

"He" had deactivated his Facebook, and I was fine. He must have reactivated it because I just ran across it for some reason. He also recently uploaded a picture I took of him from this past New Years. Oh and his profile picture is a picture I took of him in my house wearing my jacket being silly. I cannot believe this. It is definitely your life and you can do what you want with your Facebook, but please try and spare my feelings by not re-uploading pictures that I personally took of you! Why would he do that? If he really wants to erase me from his mind and life why not just have other pictures? I would not want a picture that he took of me as my profile picture, it is too painful. I cannot deal with it.

I thought I was emotionally stable enough that I would be able to make it through this semester without seeing a psychologist down here. That is not true. I am going to a walk-in appointment on Wednesday I have decided.

Well that is the update in my life. I love my friends and am so thankful that I have such wonderful people to help cloud over this situation as much as I do or I know I would not have come as far as I have since April.



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