Tuesday, January 21, 2014

All Along I Believed I Would Find You...

People suck. The sooner we realize it the better off we are. We can stop thinking up these grandiose plans of when someone is going to be good to us and wake up to reality. If there is a person who is going out of their way to be exceptionally nice to you, marry them. :)

But in all seriousness, the sooner we realize the person staring back at us in the mirror is the only person we should really have expectations for I think the stronger we will become. I am, by no means, saying that I should start being mean because other people do not regard my feelings how I do- I just need to realize that. I am the most precious thing in my life, so I need to start treating myself and my body with the dignity and respect that I wish others would.

Most of this earlier talk was brought on because I tried to ask a guy, who I am interested in, to hang out this weekend and he definitely ditched me because of the weather and then told someone he really did not do anything this weekend, as if he had no options. I am not saying that the weather was not bad.. What I am hinting at is that I overanalyze everything. Clearly. I just cannot help it. It is who I am. The human mind fascinates me.

It is not that I really care what others think about me, but I overanalyze every answer that they give me. It is definitely a weakness, but it is part of me- who I am.

Now that my roommate is spending more time with her boyfriend, I am finding myself alone more and more. I think I "tried" (see how I am so self defeating by already closing the possibility of anything with that guy already?) to like that guy because I am lonely. There are no necessarily outstanding qualities that I know about him that really intrigue me by him except that I find him physically attractive. I actually told myself (and others) that I had never had sex in the town my college is in and that that was one of my goals before I graduated this May. That is not something I am necessarily proud of saying especially because to me that does not matter! If it happens, cool, but I really need to spend this last semester focusing on myself.

I am really ready to start creating habits here that will last for the rest of my life. I am working out 5 days a week and am learning how to say the word "no" to friends, although it seems opportunities to say "no" are becoming less and less as no one is really interested in hanging out anymore, although it is only the start of week two in the semester..

Although I have only been looking at the downside of being alone, I think it is worth mentioning that there are many pros to being alone.

1. I can focus on my health.
2. I can practice more.
3. I can focus more on my homework.
4. I can cook more meals for myself.
5. I can read a book at my leisure.
6. I can spend time cleaning.
7. I can listen to music.
8. I can do girly things (paint my nails, etc.)
9. I can watch girly movies.

I guess being alone is not so bad after all. I think once the semester picks up I will be a lot more busy and can spend my time consumed in more school work when I find that all I have to do is watch Netflix.

I think it is just so hard because I see many of my friends getting married, having babies, or entering serious relationships. I am just in a completely different point in my life than them. I cannot relate to them hardly at all anymore. I have never really been in a serious relationship- not one that was monogamous on the male's part anyway, speaking about "him" of course. Over these next years I think that is going to be really hard on me- watching some of my closest friends get married or move in with their boyfriends. I would, of course, have to get a boyfriend before any of those things were to happen to me. I am not trying to spend most of this blog complaining about how lonely, sad, or single I am. I am simply stating facts and trying to sort out my thoughts the best that I can in a way that is productive and understandable to me. I am fine. I am alive and fine. One of my close friends just went through a break up because his boyfriend cheated on him. We were talking this weekend and part of being human is wanting to be loved. Is that not what we all want? Why do we invest so much time in making relationships work or seeking them out? We just want to feel cared about. I do not care if you look like the worst person on a piece of paper, a criminal with some crazy history. Everyone, no matter how much in denial he/she may be about it, needs to be loved.

We are all just getting by the best we know how to do and trying to be loved somewhere along the way. I am not saying that I agree with most of the ways people try to get someone to like them, or the qualities, or lack-there-of that most people look for.

So what they guy does not like me? I like myself way more than he ever could anyway. I also respect myself enough to be honest.

There are many feelings that I have going into my last semester of ungrad. I just hope to not regret anything I do not do.



Sunday, January 5, 2014

Promise You'll Remember That You're Mine...

Well I headed back down to school yesterday.. The drive seemed long, boring and monotonous, until I got here, then I barely remembered the drive. I basically just bummed around yesterday with my roommate's pup that I am watching since she is on vacation. I have basically done the same today too- just bummed around and fed my Netflix addiction.

I really need to start writing my term paper that I got an extension on. I always say "tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow" but I need to get it done this week sooner rather than later. After I update this today I will read at least two articles for it.

Well the real reason why I am writing this today is to process what this day is. So it is January 5, 2014. Today "he" turned 25. It is his birthday. I feel like it is so ironic that I ran away to school the day before this event happened. I also think it is really funny because he had told me a while ago that no matter what happened he saw himself settled down by the time he turned 25, and saw that with me. I always told people "so what he's gonna wake up the day he turns 25 and just magically want to stop having sex with anything that moves?!" I doubt that is the case with him, but if he has stopped wanting to do that, than more power to him, I commend him for getting it together sooner rather than later.

I just do not know what this means. It's the first time in three years I am not wishing him a "Happy Birthday" or calling him or seeing him. I know it will be the same next month when it is my birthday, I only hope he is thinking the same things I do as I am writing this.

It is 3:10pm on Sunday and I have been a bum all day. I did sleep in for a long time today. Maybe I will go over to the school of music and play the piano today. That would make me very happy. Music has always been my escape anyway, why not feed my habit?

I just went to our Facebook messages and almost sent him a "happy birthday" message. Luckily I stopped myself. I know that would not do anything good. It would probably upset him, just because that is how he is. He would not see it as me being thoughtful, just as trying to mess with his head, which I am sure is oh so clear now... NOT...

I think since I will probably not make it to the school of music to play piano that I will sit in my house and teach myself a new song on guitar.

I am calling my psychologist from school tomorrow to schedule my appointments for this coming semester. I really do think that going once every week will be helpful.



Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Please Don't Stand So Close to Me, I'm Having Trouble Breathing... I'm Afraid of What You'll See Right Now.

I know I just updated this two days ago, but my life has been pathetic as of late.. I am only saying this because I watched 7 hours of Netflix the day I updated this blog and now my internet is working too slowing to stream anymore videos, so I decided I might as well update.

You know what? I was really afraid for this NYE because I knew it was the first one in a long time that I was not going to be spending it with "him" or any him for that instance. When I think of NYE I always think that is what it is all about- kissing someone at midnight. That however is most certainly not the case. I think society really screwed my generation up, because as a single 21 year old woman I should not be still feeling like I need to rely on a man, or any partner in that case. I wish the love, appreciation and support of my friends and family were enough, but biologically that will never be enough, after all we are humans.

As I watched the last episode of the series Greek today on Netflix (see I told you it was BAD), I could not help but cry. I can never tell if my crying has solely to do with the thing I am crying about at the particular moment, or if some of it was pent up from some other aspect of my life. Either way, the last episode Casey Cartwright and her boyfriend, Cappie, were leaving to head to Washington D.C. together, leaving behind Cyprus Rhodes and their friends to start on their own adventure. Even though I do not have a significant other to leave with, but trust me I am definitely okay with that, it made me realize in a few short months that is going to be me leaving behind the college life to start my own adventure by myself. I really do not like to think about it because it makes me feel so many emotions including anxiety, excitement, and sadness. Although I usually have no trouble making friends, I am really going to miss the friends I made at school. My dad asked me the other day what I was going to do in my spare time in whatever city my internship is in. I had not really thought about it, but I told him probably join a gym and try to meet people through work or other social events.

I remember when I basically told my mom about sleeping with the him from highschool. I told her not to judge me, and she just looked at me and said "Life is hard." Which is so true. Growing up is hard. Everyone has to do it though so it is not like I will be alone in the process.

I am leaving to go back down to school this Saturday, even though classes do not start until the 13th. I need to finish up a paper that I got an extension on and I really just want to chill by myself for a week. My roommate will not be there, so I am watching her dog. I am just thankful to be having some peace and quiet before the semester starts. It is so weird for me to admit that because usually I always seem like the social butterfly, but anymore I cherish the time I spend alone. This winter break I have only hung out with two friends plus my cousin. So for being home for 3 weeks, that really is not a lot of people.

I do not really believe in New Year's Resolutions, because I will not just practice anything for one year if I make it a resolution. I need to incorporate it into my life slowly so it will become habit. There are many things I plan to incorporate into my life more from now on.

Cooking- I actually like cooking when I have time. It is fun and can be very healthy. I am going to start experimenting more with my George Foreman grill, my Crockpot, and the oven. My mom has put together a recipe book with some of her recipes for things in them, although some of them are not healthy, I will add healthy things to them and keep my recipe book on my bookshelf.

Working out- Sure we could all be more healthy, but I believe that it not only has to do with cooking and eating healthy, but also moving your butt. I do not understand where the disconnect is in my life- I love working out, going to the gym, and I feel GREAT afterwards, BUT it is just getting to the gym that is my main problem, which sucks.

Naps- I need to cut down on the naps. Sometimes they are necessary when I have been up late the night before studying or whatnot, but when I feel the need to take a nape, depending on the weather I will take a walk outside instead, cook a meal, OR do homework.

Volunteering- I would like to volunteer at the local psychiatric hospital a lot more. I always claim to be an advocate for the patients in mental health and their rights, but I am not doing so much as I am saying. I would also like to get more involved with the local chapter of NAMI.

Reading- I used to read so much for enjoyment when I was younger. One summer I read 7 full books. I miss escaping to a fictitious land and just getting lost in a book. I have sat down and read full books in two days or less (and I am talking Harry Potter, which are over 600 page books), but instead here I am on the computer constantly using technology, including my addiction to Netflix. I really love how technology has advanced, but I also think it's a curse as much as a blessing. I have let it take some of the joy out of my life. I have been a lot more conscious of not using my iPhone at the dinner table, but also other places where is it not necessary, like in the classroom.

Myself- I am really embracing the journey that is finding what makes me happy and what I deserve. I find a calmness I have with myself and others. Maybe someday I will be able to click the "add friend" button on "his" Facebook profile. I am not saying that day is today or tomorrow, but maybe some day soon. It is something I cannot describe effectively to anyone- the pain is still fresh and so are the memories, but it is almost like he was a distant memory or just a figment of my imagination. That sounds a bit confusing I know. I just am not ready to be "okay" with what has happened between the two of us. I know I will not be able to control myself if I talk to him. When I say control myself I mean by speaking of us in a romantic manner, OR trying to make him hurt just as badly as he hurt me. I do not wish to hurt him intentionally, but I just know that if I am caught up in a heated conversation with him I would not be able to do anything but just throw him hurting me back in his face. I think he already has a lot of things he lives with that are daily reminders of the mistakes he has made in the past. He is not so good at dealing with his problems as others may be.

These are just a small list of things I would like to incorporate into my life more and more each day. As we go through this year and life, do not look at your goals as unattainable if you fail one day. Failure is sure to occur, but it is trying over and over, no matter how frustrating, that will ensure success. I think if there is one common New Year's "Resolution" we should all have it is believing in ourselves enough to know anything is possible. I believe in all of you. I hope you had a good and safe celebration of the New Year. Let's show 2014 and the rest of our lives that we can do whatever we set our minds to. :)