Friday, May 10, 2013

There is a Purpose

Happy Friday! Although it's Friday and I've been home now for almost a week and I do not have a lot accomplished, I'm sure I will have more to show for myself when the summer is over.
I went grocery shopping yesterday and am getting back onto the diet I was doing a few weeks ago. I stopped it because I honestly became lazy and didn't feel like taking time to measure things out. I did not inherit the best genes when it comes to health and fitness, and that means I just have to work harder for what I want. I will achieve the goals that I have set for this summer because I owe it to myself. I am not weak, I am a strong woman. I won't let anyone or anything make me feel powerless.

I have to thank my friends and family. These past few weeks have been a struggle mentally and emotionally, but I will reach my goals with the love and support I've received from them. They always shower me with positive comments and they still believe in me, even though for a while I had given up on myself. I'm slowly beginning to see my worth again. My confidence and self-esteem will not be crushed.

A dear friend has been in touch with me recently and he is going to come visit me in a few weekends. I couldn't be happier to have a little bit of Athens visiting me here in my hometown. I'm sure we'll be able to have some adventures during his time here.

I called the psychologist office today and made an appointment for next Thursday. I'm excited, but nervous. :)

As I type this post, I hear thunder outside my bedroom window. I've always loved sitting on the front porch during a thunderstorm. I feel like it's the perfect picture- the ideal life: sitting on the porch, rocking in a chair, reading a book with a glass of iced tea on the table beside me. One day I'll have someone to share that scene with me.

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